Montgomery Wards Dinnerware, 1943 - 1944
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The following pages come from a Montgomery Wards Fall/Winter 1943 - 1944 catalog. They include dinnerware made by the Homer Laughlin China Company, Edwin M. Knowles, American Limoges, Paden City Pottery, Universal Potteries, Southern Potteries, W. S. George, and Harker Pottery.

The patterns with their makers are listed in the following order:

  1. Americana by HLC
  2. Neptune by W. S. George
  3. Chatham by Edwin M. Knowles
  4. Alicia by Edwin M. Knowles
  5. Charmaine by American Limoges
  6. Garden Lane by Southern Potteries
  7. Ridge Rose by Southern Potteries
  8. Autumn Laurel by Southern Potteries
  9. Crab Apple by Southern Potteries
  10. Fruit Fantasy by Southern Potteries
  11. Cashmere on HLC's Georgian Eggshell
  12. Dresden on HLC's Nautilus Eggshell
  13. Rochelle on HLC's Nautilus Eggshell
  14. Viceroy on HLC's Georgian Eggshell
  15. Aristocrat on HLC's Nautilus Eggshell
  16. Monarch on HLC's Georgian Eggshell
  17. Bristol on HLC's Nautilus Eggshell
  18. Rambler Rose on HLC's Georgian Eggshell
  19. Regency on HLC's Theme Eggshell
  20. Kingston on HLC's Georgian Eggshell
  21. Gardenia on HLC's Nautilus Eggshell
  22. Coronet on HLC's Nautilus Eggshell
  23. Rosanne by Havliand China
  24. Formal on HLC's Georgian Ivory
  25. Blue Dawn by Knowles
  26. Garland by Knowles
  27. Avalon by Havliand China
  28. Duchess by Paden City
  29. Greek Key by Knowles
  30. Buttercup by Paden City
  31. Blue Willow by HLC
  32. Chartreuse by Knowles
  33. Heirloom by American Limoges
  34. Diana by American Limoges
  35. Sovereign by Knowles
  36. Caledonia by Paden City
  37. Julienne by Crooksville China
  38. White Rose by Harker Pottery
  39. Spring Bouquet by Knowles
  40. Rosalee by Paden City
  41. Golden Wheat by Knowles
  42. Daisy by Southern Potteries
  43. Posey Shop by American Limoges
  44. Adams by Knowles
  45. Mardi Gras by Southern Potteries
  46. Gold Stripe on HLC's Wells
  47. Strawberry by Knowles
  48. Suzanne by Mt. Clemens Pottery
  49. Oslo by American Limoges
  50. Calico Fruit by Universal Potteries
  51. Flora and Bordette (glassware) by Macbeth-Evans
  52. Brownie Ware by Univeral Potteries


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