Montgomery Wards Dinnerware, 1949
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The following pages come from a Montgomery Wards 1949 catalog.

The First page shows eggshell dinnerware made by Homer Laughlin. Cashmere, Rambler Rose, Chateau, and Berkshire are on the Georgian Eggshell shape. The other four are on Eggshell Nautilus.

The second page has Americana which was made at HLC. Rose Chintz is an underglaze pattern on the Laurel shape, made by the Taylor, Smith & Taylor Co. Fernwood was made by Knowles and Madeira by Universal Potteries. Rosepoint and Willow were made by Royal China.

Third page, top row shows Piccardy and Gloria made by Knowles, and Gold Circle on Virginia Rose and Susan on Republic - both by HLC. In the next row, Golden Wheat was made by Knowles, Blue Gaeity and Dutch Mill were by Royal China, and Pierrette was made on the Camwood Ivory shape by Universal Potteries.

The third row shows Tarantella by Knowles. The other three are Blue Ridge lines by Southern Potteries.

In the bottom row is Bermuda and Calico Fruit by Universal Potteries, Strawberry by Knowles, and Hacienda by a California pottery.

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