Montgomery Wards Dinnerware, 1952 - 1953
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The following pages come from a Montgomery Ward's Fall/Winter 1952/1953 catalog.

In the first illustrated page, the top half is made up of imported dinnerware. The second half shows eggshell dinnerware made by Homer Laughlin. These eight patterns are identical to those shown in the previous catalog, the Spring and Summer issue of 1952. Chateau, Cashmere, and Rambler Rose were made using the Georgian Eggshell shape. The other five were made using the Eggshell Nautilus shape.

The second illustrated page shows more patterns carried over from the previous catalog: "Prairie Pheasant" and "Coffee Tree" on the Conversation shape by Taylor, Smith & Taylor as well as "Tea Rose" and "Gloria" by Knowles. "Spring Song", Accent white and Accent color were also made by Knowles. More Homer Laughlin patterns are on this page including Americana, Debutante (Violets), and the Dura-Print line, "Highland" plaid which used brown Charm House hollowware. "Cypress" and "Madeira" were made by Universal Potteries.

In the next to last page, "Plaid" was made by Knowles, Mojave, and Del Mar brown were made by California Potteries. All the other patterns are Blue Ridge lines by Southern Potteries.

The last page features more dinnerware made in California.

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