New Cumberland Locks and Dam
& W. H. Sammis Power Plant

The New Cumberland Locks and Dam was constructed from 1955 to 1961, with the locks opening for traffic in November 1959. Originally, it was to have been built in New Cumberland which is roughly two miles south. However, it was built along the Ohio town of Stratton, but the New Cumberland name stuck.

Also in this area is the W. H. Sammis Power Plant which was originally part of Ohio Edison and today is operated by FirstEnergy. Route 7 passes through a tunnel in the power plant.

The first three photos below show the plant and the dam at various stages with the last two photos being taken in 2011.

The power plant with one chimney

The dam and power plant with two chimneys

The dam and power plant with four chimneys

The W. H. Sammis Power Plant as it looked in December of 2011.

New Cumberland Locks and Dam. Photo taken from the overlook on the West Virginia side of the river.

Inside the turbine room at Ohio Edison Co.'s mighty Stratton, Ohio power plant. Generator in foreground went on line in August of 1959. The one in the center went in operation on July 1, 1960. The third 170,000-kilowatt unit is shown under installation at the top.

First of the Army Corps of Engineers' Ohio River "super-dams" to go into operation is the $13.5-million New Cumberland Dam at Stratton, Ohio. The 1,315-foot long structure was built by Dravo Corp., Pittsburgh. The new high-lift dam raises upper pool level 15 feet.

Nose-cone look is illusion. World's tallest chimney [in 1967], 850 feet high, 75 feet in diameter at the bottom and 41 feet in across the top, is at Stratton, Ohio, part of Ohio Edison Company's W. H. Sammis power plant. Three 15-foot diameter liners are suspended from the top of the chimney. Its 10,000 yards of concrete were poured with forms that edged upward 10 inches at a time, called slip forming.

Workman on the 1,000 foot Ohio Edison chimney.

New 1,000 foot Ohio Edison chimney under construction on extreme right. Picture taken on the Ohio side and shows West Virginia in the background.

Construction work and towering chimneys at Ohio Edison Company's W. H. Sammis Power Plant at Stratton on the Ohio River dramatize the utility's growth to serve rapidly expanding customer needs. The two chimneys in the background - both 500 feet high - serves the four units of the original plant, completed in 1962 with a total capacity of 744,000 kilowatts. The middle chimney - 850 feet high - serves a 315,000-kilowatt unit and a 625,000-kilowatt unit which went into service in 1967 and in April of 1970, respectively. The tallest chimney is 1,000 feet high. It serves a second 625,000-kilowatt generating unit starting in 1971.

Ohio Edison Company with tunnel.

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