Newell Community Calendars
Bev Enochs shares these Newell Community Birthday Calendars from the 1950s to the 1980s. The calendars were used to raise funds for community projects and were sponsored by various groups through the years such as the Lions Club, band parents, and especially the Newell Women's Club. Birthdays and anniversaries of those contributing were listed for each day. The calendars were lined with advertisements and featured a single photo for each year.

Some of the photos were of buildings, but many had group photos. These four pages show the group pictures along with names when known. Those not yet identified are noted with (UNK).

Each picture has a link to facebook discussing that particular image. When enough names are gathered, they will be posted here.

1961 Newell Brownies (FB link)

1962 Newell Girl Scouts (FB link)

Front: (l-r) Mary Booher, JoAnn Wolf, Paula Jester, UNK, Connie Kirchner, Vicki Skelton
Back: (l-r) Linda Cordray, Janie Barnett, UNK, Janie Copestick, UNK, Penny Bailey

1964 Newell Cub Scouts (FB link)

1966 Newell Junior 1965 Champs -- South Side Hot Stove League (FB link)

1969 Newell Volunteer Fire Department (FB link)

Seated (l-r): Ed Childs, Vern Betteridge, Ed Tice, Pearley Adkins, Archie Coen, UNK, UNK, Bot Stoneburner, Gene Litton, Earl Flesch, Bob Glenndening
Standing: UNK, UNK

Newell Champions South Side League of 1969 (FB link)

Front: (l-r) Jack Dunlevy, Tim Keller, Dave Dunlevy, Chris Durham, Dan Eckleberry, Jim McGillan
Standing: (l-r): Jeff Mooney, Jack Dunlevy, Sr., Tom Kiger, Danny Williams, Joe Neuch
Brad Cox, Joe Durham, Tony LaNeve, Steve Shuman, Bud Shuman, Jamie Ulbright

1971 Newell Drum and Bugle Corps. (FB link)

1972 Newell Brownie Troop No. 496 and Girl Scout Troop No. 497 (FB link)

1973 Newell "A" Champions Baseball (FB link)

Front: (l-r) Duke Bennett, UNK, Tony Grogan, Mike Manypenny, Ralph LaNeve, Roy Cave
Middle: (l-r) Eddie Burkle, John Gogol, Chad McIntosh, Jim Manypenny, Scott Allen, Jay Kiger
Back: (l-r) Dave Elder, Kenny Elder, Scott Hubble, Jeff Hardy, Jeff Monroe, Chirs Fabro

1978 Newell Senior Citizens (FB link)

1983 Newell Volunteer Fireman -- Active and Retired, 76 Years of Service (FB link)

Bottom Row: (l-r) Steve Kourpus, Dave Foltz, Jeff Poole, Terry Mooney, Rich Baker, Gary Helms
Middle Row: (l-r) Nick Hapach, Pearley Adkins, Donny Foltz, Tom Thoman, Bob Duncan, Sr., Carl Durham, Archie Coen, Earl Flesch
Top Row: (l-r) Stanton Stevens, Dan Foltz

1984 Girl Scout Jr. Troop 3497 and Cadette Troop (FB link)

Bottom Row: (l-r) Marla Moore, L. Daughtery, Cindy Allison, Kathy Shea, Erica Ulbright, Amy Pope
2nd Row: (l-r) Jennifer Walker, Amy Six, Traci Heath, Marsha Carney, Cindy Reed
3rd Row: (l-r) Brooke Helms, Lori Shafer, Betsy Williams, Robin Clark, Carrie Mehan
4th Row: (l-r) DeAnn Rice, Kara Lightner, Amy Thompson, Missy DeBee, Lisa Gallager, Jennifer Gibas
Top Row: (l-r) Mary Mehan, Nancy Lightner, Penny Clark, Beverly Allison

1985 Newell Cub Scouts - Pack 10 (FB link)

Some of the calendar advertisements

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