Trolley Car Barn
The Trolley Car Barn, or simply Car Barn, is located on the 100 block on Washington Street. The four pictures below show how it looked during mid-October of 2011. Originally used to store and work on trolleys that transported people to and from East Liverpool via the Newell Bridge, it has changed hands several times. At one point it was used as a saw mill -- probably for the Newell Lumber Company which was located at 218 Washington Street.

Trolleys were first used after the Newell Bridge was completed in 1905. A four-page article titled, "An Era of West Virginia Trolleys" by Stephen D. Maguire from a September, 1948 issue of Railroad Magazine, mentions Newell and East Liverpool:

The majority of West Virginia trolley lines were very short routes, and lasted and equally brief period.... The Newell Bridge & Ry. lasted until 1939, its 3-mile trackage connecting Newell with East Liverpool, across the Ohio River.

The article also states the Newell Bridge & Ry. used ten cars.

Left: Trolley headed to Newell Park
Right: Trolley tracks on Washington Street.
This picture would have been taken around the 600 block and looking towards Chester.

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