Fourth Street School
The Newell Public School a.k.a. Fourth Street School was located at the corner of Jefferson and 4th Streets with its physical address being 401 4th street. It was built at a cost of $25,000.00 and opened in 1912.

Both elementary and high school students had classes here. From the beginning, the school proved to be too small. Plays as well as most parties and dances had to be held at other locations such as the Presbyterian Church in Newell or the Christian Church in East Liverpool. Dances were often held at the I.O.O.F. and Old Fellows Hall in East Liverpool. Due to the lack of a gymnasium, students often had physical education lessons at East Liverpool's YMCA.

As the years went on, more students were entering the lower grades than were graduating. The demand for a new building was finally realized for the 1927-1928 school year with the opening of Wells High. Fourth Street School was used for grades 1 through 6 until Jefferson Elementary opened for the 1951-1952 school year. Not long after the Forth Street School was torn down.

Ernest John was the last principal at Fourth Street School. He would go on to become the first principal at Jefferson Elementary.

Newell Public School, a.k.a. Newell High, a.k.a. Fourth Street School.

All of the students attending the Fourth Street School during the 1923-1924 school year.
"Newell Public School" can be seen engraved on the center stone of the building.

This photo from a 1924 Rhododendron yearbook gives a pretty good perspective of the Fourth Street School. The poor quality is due to enlarging. To the girl's right is the main entrance to the school. Towards the left and in the background is the Methodist Church on Grant Street.

Ernest John
Principal from 1929 to 1969
A Fourth Street School class from 1938

These last two pictures are from the collection of the Museum of Ceramics, Ohio History Connection.
They show the fire escape tubes on the front and back sides of the school.

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