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From a mid-1970s advertisement for Globe Refractories...

One of the oldest refractory companies, Globe began its second century in 1973. The modern firm with its long history of achievement started as a paving brick manufacturer in 1872 and was family owned until acquired by Combustion Engineering in 1970.

Today Globe has attained the status of the world's most highly automated pouring pit refractories plant and the largest ladle brick plant in America.

Globe Refractories' extensive environmental studies and programs reflect the company's involvement in community progress. Globe is proud of the skills and dedication of its 300 employees, who are its most valuable asset. the company looks to its second century with confidence and optimism.

From a 1976 press release for Globe Refractories...

The original Globe Brick Company was founded in 1872 by Captain John Porter. The first location was in New Cumberland. The manufacture of bricks for streets was the first product. In the late 1800s, Globe Brick relocated south of Newell. Captain Porter purchased twenty-five acres which were rich in clay. When macadam and concrete came into use, refractory bricks were manufactured.

Globe provided the first brick used in steel ladles by Andrew Carnegie. The fist street brick used in the United States was used in New Cumberland over one hundred years ago. Bricks are sold in forty-eight states and Canada. One of the specialized fields of brick is its use for lining steel ladles which hold from 80 to 550 tons. The world's most highly automated pouring pit in a refractories plant is at Globe. It is the nation's largest brick ladle plant.

In 1970 Globe merged with Combustion Engineering of Stamford, Connecticut. The firm has expanded to include sleeve production facilities and the installation of automatic setting and car moving equipment. In 1975 the firm began utilizing the Ohio River by shipping by barge to the midwest, rather than the established use of trucks. William F. Porter is President; Sidney C. Porter, Jr., Vice President in charge of Operations; Robert B. Eberle, Jr., is Vice-President in charge of Finance and Administration.

Globe Refractories (Globe Brick) aerial photo, circa 1976.

Globe Brick main offices, 1952.

Globe Brick, 1957 advert photo

Globe Brick, 1962 advert photo

1957 Globe Brick Advertisement

Globe Brick Employee Picnic poster and souvenir lighter.

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