Newell, WV -- Circa 1970
Undated photo of Newell, probably from the 1970s. Number 1 is where the bear pit, stone bridge, garden ring, coon pit, and monkey cages were. This was the heart of the park. Walking paths and springs were to the left. Number 2 is where the majority of the fountain was. This area was filled in and Route 2 was built. The lake was at Number 3. This was used as a dump by HLC and the white mass in the photo is of old dishes and molds. It has since been filled in. Numbers 4 and 5 are Homer Laughlin plants -- in operation today. Number 6 is Clarke Field, Number 7 is the football field, Number 8 is Wells High School which would eventually become Wells Jr. High. The building is no longer used as a school today. Number 9 is the Edwin M. Knowles China Co. Number 10 is Globe Brick. Number 11 is the Aaron Building which at one time housed the post office. It has since been torn down. Number 12 is the Rauh Building which still stands today. Click on the image for a larger view.

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