Newell Church of Christ

Original Church of Christ in Newell, circa 1946.
This was located behind the present church.

A mortgage burning ceremony was performed at the Newell First Church of Christ in 1971 by members Spence Kell, and Mrs. and Mr. George Whaley. The following piece ran in The Evening Review on June 19th of that year:
The program is being arranged by Albert Logston, Richard Smith, and Whaley, who will deliver the message.

The new building project was started September 1967 after the razing of the old structure. The original building committee included the late Clyde Arontt, the late Harold Cunningham, John Smith, a former minister, Al Stackpole, and Lonnie Boyles.

The edifice was completed under the supervision of Boyles, as acting chairman, Stockpole, Floyd Kell, and Richard Smith.

The first service at the new house of worship was held on Easter Sunday, 1969, with the dedication program on June 8, 1969.

Charter members of the church include Mrs. Ellen Logston of Salineville, Mrs. Lillie Pearce and Mrs. Fern Wells, both of East Liverpool, and Mrs. Mable Murray of New Cumberland.

The New Direction Singers of Toronto will provide the music and John Calhoun of Wellsville will sing several numbers. Congregational singing also will be featured.

Relatives and friends of members of the congregation and members of area churches are invited to attend the services.

First Church of Christ in Newell, WV. Built in 1967.

Article from 1977

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