The Shamrock
The Shamrock was a restaurant in Newell at the corner of 4th and Washington Streets and had several owners over the years. Many clubs and organizations would hold parties and meetings at the Shamrock, and furnished apartments were available for rent upstairs.

The earliest advertisements I could find were dated 1954. Earl Cox was listed as the owner in 1955.

In recent years, the building was exposed to the elements and became rundown. It was demolished on the evening of July 1, 2014.

Shamrock advertisement from 1954.

Inside the Shamrock, circa 1955.

Shamrock advert, early 1960s.

Shamrock, 2011.

These three interior pictures were taken during the summer of 2012 and show the level of damage to the front and downstairs portion.

The four below were taken just before demolition.
Courtesy Mike Gonzalez.

These last two images show the demolition in progress on July 1, 2014.
Both are courtesy Lisa Cox.

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