Sixth Street Stone Bridge
The stone bridge is located on Sixth Street hill and essentially marks the end of Laurel Hollow. It was built in the early 1900s and is very similar in style to the Stone Tunnel located in the zoo portion of the park. The postcard to the right is marked 1908 and shows how it originally appeared.

There are two major differences between the Stone Bridge and the Stone Tunnel. The Sixth Street Stone Bridge is almost twice the height of the Stone Tunnel, however its tunnel portion is only half as long.

A few of the top stones have fallen off and are laying at the bottom, and there is also evidence that some repairs have been done over the years. Overall it is in remarkably good condition.

Laurel Hollow is on one side of the bridge while Shadow Lawn is located several yards away on the other. My brother and I went through the Laurel Hollow side via Muchmores Run to get to the bridge. There are quite a few trees that have fallen this past winter so it wasn't easy trying to climb over them. Also, the rocks in the stream have moss on them which makes them very slick. It took us over an hour to get to the bridge. The trail is a popular geocaching site, but I would recommend caution and not making the journey alone.

Approaching the bridge from within Laurel Hollow.

Laurel Hollow side of the bridge.

Inside the tunnel - roughly half the length of the
Stone Tunnel located on the opposite end of the park.

Shadow Lawn side of the bridge - lots
of limbs and debris clogged this end.

Inside the tunnel looking towards Laurel Hollow.

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