W. E. Wells High School

The following article, History of School was written by Iva Burch in 1947:

Newell High School certainly had an unpretentious beginning. A small, ambitious group of students, under the supervision of Professor McBride organized themselves into the first Newell High School -- their classroom was in the Aaron Building. This energetic group worked and studied here until, in 1913, the new Public School building was completed, and the High School was established in it.

This class - the class of 1916 - chose the school colors. The colors, blue and white, were changed in 1924. The proved inconvenient because the East Liverpool colors were the same. Green and white was then chosen and to this day are the W. H. S. colors.

The first graduating class numbered six. Since 1913 the number of students increased. At present there are 271 enrolled. The smallest class ever to graduate from Newell High School was in 1917, when only two members were graduated. The present class - the class of '47 - will graduate 26.

In 1920 the High School was rearranged into a 6-3-3 system: 6 grades; Junior High, comprised of 7th, 8th, and 9th grades; and Senior High School, or 10th, 11th, and 12th grades.

In 1923 the school was enrolled in the Southern Association Secondary Schools, accrediting the school so that any graduate could enter a higher school or college. This high school has been rated as first class since 1921.

Successive years found the school becoming more crowded. Something had to be done about it. It was impossible to secure a new school with the taxed used for maintenance; so, a drive thought the vicinity, money donated by various business establishments and individuals, made a dream come true - there would be a new High School.

Ground opposite Clarke Field was donated, soil was broken, and in record time W. E. Wells High School was erected - a six year high school.

A new aim, a new desire, gained momentum - what about plays, dances, athletics? 1941 saw fulfillment of another dream - a modern and beautiful gymnasium became an integral part of school life. [snip]

As the years roll by, many classes will pass though the portals of Wells high with each class will come new improvements - improvements that once were dreams. Working for the school, gives rich and joyous experiences. Our schools help mold the future citizens - our student body today is the government of tomorrow.

W. E. Wells High School in Newell, West Virginia.

The following images were taken of the Wells Building during the last week of June 2012. Some of the classrooms are being renovated. The lockers have been removed as have the radiators. Other rooms house businesses as well as the Tri-State Genealogical & Historical Society.

Special thanks to the Newell Volunteer Fire Department for allowing me to take pictures and thanks to Seth Cheuvront-Wilson who acted as tour guide and provided information on the renovations

Inside the Principal's Office

Clock on the second floor

Second floor hallway

Second floor hallway

Second floor hallway

First floor hallway

Science Lab, now home to the Tri-State Genealogical & Historical Society



Girls' Locker Room

Boys' Locker Room

Boiler Room

Plaque in the Auditorium

Auditorium. The Fire Dept. holds Bingo games here


Second Floor Classroom

Second floor classroom

Second floor classroom.
(In the 1980s, this was Mrs. Oyster's room.)

Second floor classroom.
(In the 1980s, this was Mr. McMahan's room.)

Second floor classroom -- converted into a dance studio.
(In the 1980s, this was Mr. McMahan's room.)

Second floor classroom.
(In the 1980s, this was Mrs. Danford's (Miss Hill) art room.)

Second floor classroom.
(In the 1980s, this was Mr. Kuhns' typing classroom.)

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