Canonsburg Pottery
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John George, nephew of W. S. George, founded the Canonsburg China Company in 1900 in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. The initial products made were sanitary and hotel wares. The name was later changed to the Canonsburg Pottery Company. Under the new name, semi-vitreous dinnerware was produced.

After the Steubenville Pottery closed in 1959, their molds and equipment were sold to Canonsburg Pottery. Two of Steubenville's most popular shapes, Adam Antique and Rose Point, were made by Cannonsburg into the 1960s.

In the mid-1970s, the pottery closed and filed bankruptcy. By the summer of 1977, J. E. Moody, C. P. A. of Pittsburgh was tasked with accepting bids for the assets which included two parcels of land totaling 5.3 acres, buildings, machinery, equipment, and office furniture. According to the notice which ran in the Uniontown, PA newspaper, The Evening Standard, on July 18, 1977, the minimum offer price was $350,000 with a $25,00 bid deposit.

Below are advertisements featuring Canonsburg Pottery dinnerware from the late 1940s and 1950s.

Crockery & Glass Journal, December 1954

Crockery & Glass Journal, January 1955

Crockery & Glass Journal, May 1947

Crockery & Glass Journal, March 1955

China, Glass and Decorative Accessories, December 1952

Crockery & Glass Journal, 1955

Giftwares Buyers' Guide & Reference Issue, August 10, 1954

Crockery & Glass Journal, Januray 1952

Crockery & Glass Journal, March 1952

Crockery & Glass Journal, September 1947

Crockery & Glass Journal, June 1955

Undated brochure for Pussy Willow

Undated promotional postcards

Clockwise starting top left: McIntosh, Wind Blown, Camille, and Sunny Dell

Clockwise starting top left: Princess Grace, Elegance, Pink Lace, Blue Heaven

Clockwise starting top left: Forget Me Not, Serenity, Blue Frost, Starlite

Acme Market S&H Green Stamp catalog pages with American Traditional by Canonsburg Pottery

Canonsburg Pottery postcard, postmarked 1909

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