Cronin China Company
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In 1926, Daniel Conin and his brothers operated the Chelsea China Company of New Cumberland, West Virginia. They would go on to purchase the Owen China Company in Minerva, Ohio in 1934. After some remodeling, Owen China was renamed Cronin China and began production in November 1936. Simultaneously, the New Cumberland, WV plant was closed.

Cronin China specialized in semi-vitreious dinnerware and kitchenware. They also produced some specialty ware such as salad nappies, children's dishes, and open stock pitchers. The pottery closed in 1956.

Cronin China's response to Homer Laughlin's Fiesta was the Zephyr shape which was made in solid colors and decals. The solid color version was always unmarked which can cause some confusion with new HLC colorware collectors. Zephyr in colored glazes was often sold in ensemble sets under different names such as Rainbow, Hollywood, and Mardi Gras. Colors include turquois, green, dark blue, maroon, tangerine, beige, yellow, medium blue, and pink.

Cronin China kitchenware trade advertisement.

Cronin China advertisement from the mid-1930s.




Crockery & Glass Journal trade advertisement from December 1948.

Cronin shapes and patterns from a 1938 Butler Brothers wholesale catalog.

Cronin China kitchenware, fruit decal with red trim.

1949 advertisement.

Undated postcard.

Rainbow ensemble set using the Zephyr shape.

Hollywood ensemble set using the Zephyr shape.

Zephyr plates

Zephyr handled tray

Zephyr teacups and saucers

Zephyr fruit cups

Zephyr sugars: first stlye (left), second style (right)

Zephyr creamer, second style

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