Hull Pottery Company
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The Hull Pottery Company of Crooksville, Ohio was founded by Addis Emmet Hall in 1905. The company closed in 1986.

Hull specialized in art pottery, kitchenware, florist's wares, and planters. This page features dinnerware made by Hull from the 1960s to the 1980s, namely House n' Garden Oven-Proof, Crestone, and the Heartland Collection.

The most common Hull dinnerware is House 'n Garden Serving-Ware, often marked with an incised Oven-Proof USA. It was glazed in mirror brown, avocado green, tangerine, and other colors. Each piece was given an ivory foam or "drip" edge.

For more on the Hull Pottery Company, visit the Hull Pottery Association.

China, Glass & Tablewares, January 1966.

China, Glass & Tablewares, January 1968.

Hull Oven-Proof Pottery in mirror brown and avocado green.

House 'n Garden in avocado green.

Crestone dinnerware by Hull, 1965.

The Hull Collection in gray, sand, and brown.

The Heartland Collection by Hull.

Other Hull advertisements.

China, Glass and Decorative Accessories, August 1951.

Blossom Flite, 1955.

Ebb Tide. Crockery & Glass Journal, February 1955.

Crockery & Glass Journal, September 1947.

China, Glass & Tablewares, February 1966.

China, Glass & Tablewares, February 1967.

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