Le Pere Pottery
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Le Pere Pottery of Zanesville, Ohio was founded by brothers Otto and Paul Herold in 1936. According to the November 12, 1956 newspaper article from The Times Recorder. the brothers, "quit school at 14 and entered the Zanesville Art Pottery operated by their uncle..." Their uncle was David Schmid who taught Otto mold making, pressing, and casting. Paul became a pottery decorator. They went on to work at different firms until coming together to form Le Pere Pottery in '36.

In the late 1940s, several trade advertisements ran feturing hand decorated Le Pere art pottery, all having the same writeup:

Every piece of Le Pere genuine hand painted pottery is truly reminiscent of the master craftsmanship of old world artisans that were famous for their exceptional decoration.

Le Pere pottery is actually hand painted in natural colors that defy comparison with the actual flowers they represent and tastefully trimmed in genuine gold. Buyers everywhere that have had the opportunity to see Le Pere hand painted pottery become enthused over the exciting charm that each piece presents.

Unusual quality, unexcelled in craftsmanship and reasonable in price, makes Le Pere hand painted pottery profitable to sell to discriminating customers.

Besides the novelty pieces shown in the undated catalog below, Le Pere also made teapots and tea sets, salt and pepper shakers, range sets, book ends, utility pitchers, chocolate sets, bon-bon dishes, trays, and vases.

Colors included gloss selections of white, ivory, yellow, tan, olive, green, turquoise, pink, blue, marine, plum, brown, grey, and black. There were also matte colors: white, ivory, tan, blue, and green. Small pieces were often decorated with gold, platinum, or copper luster. Larger items could also be decorated, but by special order.

From China, Glass and Decorative Accesories
December 1947

From China, Glass and Decorative Accesories
February 1949

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