Pearl China Company
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The Pearl China Company was located in East Liverpool, Ohio. Most of their wares were made in solid colored glazes which were often decorated with elaborate gold. One of Pearl China's trademarks was their iridescent pearl luster. They specialized in novelty ware such as figurines, vases, tea sets, salt and pepper shakers, piggy banks, console bowls, and candlesticks.

An article ran in the East Liverpool, Ohio newspaper, The Evening Review on December 6, 1938 about Pearl China's salesroom and history:

Pearl China To Open New Suburban Store.

$12,000 Salesroom Here To Be Unveiled Wendesday.

The Pearl China & Pottery Co. Wednesday and Thursday will officially open its new $12,000 suburban store two miles north of East Liverpool on routes 7 and 30.

Featuring one of the largest displays of its kind in the country, the store is showing the latest designs and shapes in dinnerware, 95 percent of which is manufactured in district potteries, garden ware, and fine handmade glassware.

A pioneer in the suburban store pottery and china business, the company established its first store at the present location in 1931, growing out of a house-to-house sales establishment which dates back to 1919.

The new two-story brick structure, which is 82 feet long and 22 feet deep, has been made the new sales room, and the original building, which was 30 feet long, together with an addition constructed several years ago, has been turned into a warehouse.

D. L. Singer and George Singer are brother-partners in the company. Mrs. D. L. Singer is in charge of the salesroom at the local store and Mrs. George Singer serves in a similar capacity at the Oakdale, Pa. store, also operated by the company.

The Pearl China & Pottery Co. employs an organization of 20 people and operates a wholesale, retail, and mail order business, maintaining a packing house in Bradshaw Ave. where pottery and china is shipped to all parts of the country, and a small house-to-house sales organization which canvasses western Ohio, Michigan, and northern Indiana.

The public is invited to inspect the store any day from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., including Sundays.

Pearl China did not produce dinnerware, but they would sell lines from surrounding potteries in their retail store. Some sets were made specifically for Pearl China. For example, Pastel Tulip was made by the Homer Laughlin China Company for Pearl China. HLC even gave some pieces a special over glaze gold marking as shown below.

Pastel Tulip, made by Homer Laughlin for Pearl China

The advertisements below come from the 1950s and represent a small portion of Pearl China products. Of interest to Homer Laughlin collectors are the Harlequin Animal mavericks in the last row of the first picture.

Pearl China in East Liverpool, circa early 1960s.

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