USONA Art Pottery
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The USONA Art Pottery (United States Of North America) operated from the mid-1930s until the mid-1950s. in Chester, West Virginia. It produced mainly novelty ware such as vases, small planters, pitchers, and salt and pepper shakers.

Author Lucille Cox wrote about area potteries and mentioned USONA in an article titled, "From The Shard Pile" published in The Evening Review on December 22, 1942:

In Chester there is the Usona pottery, another version of a backyard [operation]. Elmer Hoskinson began manufacturing pottery several years ago. He is a potter of the old school and is familiar with clay and its working properties. Art ware and novelties are the products of this low one-story plant on Carolina ave., and the owner, prior to gas rationing days, did a good business with the tourist trade, as he not only made the ware, but created his market by establishing a salesroom in front of the factory.
Founder Elmer Hoskinson died on October 16, 1952 at the age of 73. Part of his obituary reads: "...Hoskinson established the Usona plant on Church St., Chester, about 25 years ago. He was active in the business until about four years ago, when he was forced to retire. He formerly was employed by Hall China..."

Many pieces were not marked, but some have an impressed USONA or "Hoskinson Usona" impressed marks. Other pieces can be found with either a backstamp or foil stickers. Glazes used by USONA include, but are not limited to: rose, black, matte blue, red, tangerine, and ivory.

(The USONA name was also used by the Goodwin Pottery of East Liverpool, Ohio in the late 1800s to early 1900s on wares such as lemonade sets and steins. They have nothing in common with the USONA art ware made in Chester, WV.)

USONA Shakers with original sticker and small ewer

USONA 6 1/2" vase in black

USONA nude vase in rose

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