Valencia by Shawnee Pottery
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Valencia was made by the Shawnee Pottery Company of Zanesville, Ohio. It was sold exculsively through Sears Roebuck and Co. in the late 1930s to early 1940s. There were five standard glazes: tangerine, blue (coblat), yellow, green, and maroon. The line itself was never given a backstamp, but some examples can be found with original Valencia stickers.

There seems to be some controversy over the exact assortment of Valencia. Vintage pamphlets with drawings show Valencia as a direct copy of Fiesta's original assortment with Kitchen Kraft equivalents -- 70 pieces total with some items sounding very familiar to Fiesta collectors: 8", 10" and 12" flower vases, mustard, marmalade, 2 pt. jug, 7 pc. nested bowl set, ice pitcher, tripod and bulb candleholders, footed salad bowl, carafe, utility tray and so on.

Author Harvey Duke questioned if some of these were actually put into production since many were not featured in photographic ads or price listings and the pieces themselves have yet to be found.

Sears catalog listings for Valencia

1938 Valencia AdCourtesy: Fran & Carl Stone

Valencia collection by D. Abel

Valencia, with unusual pink and turquoise tumblers.
Courtesy of Terri P.

Valencia's full assortment

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