Laurel Hollow Park - 1907 HLC Catalog
The text below and the images that follow are from a January 1, 1907 catalog from the Homer Laughlin China Company.
Dividing Newell exactly in two is a park of one hundred acres extending from the river clear across the property. The basis of this park is Laurel Hollow. There are many beautiful ravines extending back from the river, in the upper Ohio valley, but in no other one has nature been nearly so extravagant in lavishing her favors as in Laurel Hollow. At the head of this ravine, in a wide amphitheater of the rocks crowned by a dense forest of oak, beech, birch, sycamore, chestnut, elm and spruce, a great stream of clear cold water is discharged from the face of the cliff in a volume unequalled and un approached by any other known spring within hundreds of miles.

This spring is unfailing, and in volume would be sufficient to supply pure drinking water to a population of 50,000 persons.

For half a mile from this spring the park extends though the wooded sides of Laurel Hollow, which has been improved only by smooth graded walks, rustic bridges and comfortable seats, in so far as they may not interfere with the wild natural effect. As the ravine approaches the river it widens and the banks are lower. Here has been constructed Lake Newell, an artificial body of water covering twenty acres. It lies in an exquisitely beautiful basin of horse shoe shape one mile in circumference. For a year a large force of men under the direction of an expert landscape gardener has been engaged in beautifying the surroundings of the lake.

To a spot exquisitely beautiful in its natural state, has been added all that art and good taste can suggest. There is none of the noisy, catch-penny features that of recent years have become so common in amusement parks, but no expense has been spared in creating a spot for clean refined recreation.

Even before Newell was developed, East Liverpool was noted for her parks, and the beauty of the summer hills, but Newell Park has proved a revelation even to those who have been accustomed all their lives to the fine scenery of the upper Ohio valley, Newell Park is now the play ground for East Liverpool and surrounding population, and it is no exaggeration to say it is not equaled in natural beauty by any city park of America.

It is not possible to convey by illustrations an adequate idea of the extent and variety of this playground. The cuts shown with this sketch are hardly more than a suggestion.

The Lake

Turn in the Road to the Terrace

A Corner of the Swing Grove

The Fountain

A Glimpse of Laurel Hollow

The Seal Pond

The Burros and the Boys

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