Laurel Hollow Park - 1912 HLC Catalog

In 1912, The Homer Laughlin China Company issued "The China Book" -- a small booklet describing the making of dishes and how to purchase finished dinnerware. They used most of the same images from the 1907 catalog except three new ones were added as shown below. The "Substantial business blocks in Newell" picture was taken at the intersection of fifth and Washington streets. The group of homes looks to be from Grant Street. And finally, the shot of the deer is from the park.

Here is the paragraph from The China Book relating to Newell:

On the banks of the Ohio in West Virginia, a little below East Liverpool, Ohio, is a high, level plain, bordered on one side by the river, and on the other by the foot-hills of West Virginia. It is very beautiful, but was at that time almost inaccessible from the Ohio side. Here, on the brow of the bluff, looking across the great river to the picturesque hills of Ohio and Pennsylvania, the Homer Laughlin China Co. decided to build the greatest china facotry in the world, and incidentally the town of Newell. A suspension bridge was thrown across the Ohio River from East Liverpool. A road was blasted out of the face of the cliff. An electric railway was built. Streets were paved. A magnificent public park, one of the finest in the state, was laid out. Within one year, a huge turreted factory was erected, many attractive homes built and a delightful playground for the people created.

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