Laurel Hollow Park - Stone Benches
There were at least four stone benches in Newell Park. Two have an ornate scroll design while the other two are plain. Somehow, three ended up in nearby Will Thompson Park in East Liverpool, Ohio. I don't know if they were given to Thompson Park or if they purchased them.

Two of the benches have a scroll design at their bases and are located at the top of the steps facing the Ralph E. Johnson Memorial Amphitheater. The third one, located towards the entrance of Thompson Park, is a plain version.

The second plain stone bench used to be at Homer Laughlin near the employee parking lot. It was painted yellow and sat there for a number of years before finally being removed.

All four benches have the same eight-petal daisy motif also found on the pillars of the circular garden.

The Ralph E. Johnson Memorial Amphitheatre at Thompson Park in East Liverpool, Ohio

The ornate Newell Park benches at the top of the steps at the Amphitheater

Newell Park Bench - Ornate

Newell Park Bench - Plain

This last photo comes from a 1928 Rhododendron yearbook for Wells High School.
The two girls are sitting on one of the plain style stone benchs.

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