Waterford Park
Waterford Park opened on May 19, 1951 and is approximately five miles south of Newell, WV. However, its address is commonly listed as Chester, WV. In the spring of 1988, its name was changed to Mountaineer Park and today is known as the Mountaineer Casino, Recetrack & Resort.

The one-mile track has had several owners over the years including; Al Boyle ('51 to mid-50s), James Edwards (mid-50s to 1969), the Odgen Corporation (1969- 1988), Bill Blair (1988 to mid 1990s), and finally, Winners Inc which morphed into Mountaineer Gaming Group Inc. For a more complete history of MTR Gaming Group, Inc, see this page.

The track "has a one mile dirt oval. It also has a turf track measuring seven furlongs long and is found inside the dirt race track. The race track is curved slightly in the front stretch.

The original Waterford Inn had 101 rooms, but has since been expanded to 258 additional rooms with the opening of the Grande Hotel in 2002.

Waterford Park tickets

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Good Grazing, 1951

Sandvar, 1953

Le Regent, 1956

Tippitoes, 1959

Equated, 1959

Peter K, 1961

Missileman, 1961

Toni Mia, 1961

Fresh Runner, 1963

Mythical Land, 1963

Lu's Promise, 1964

Frosty Nancy, 1964

Busy Mac, 1968

Pinkie Chollie, 1968

Wise, 1970

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