Art China by the Taylor, Smith & Taylor Co.
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Like most potteries in the early 1900s, the Taylor, Smith & Taylor Company produced decorated specialties and art ware. Shown below are cuts from two undated catalogs. The first is from around 1905 and features a set of fancy embossed shapes. The second set shown is from circa 1915. It features fewer shapes and simpler forms. It was during this time pieces were picked up from standard dinnerware shapes (namely Normandie and Latona) and given art ware treatments.

Most of the decorations used involved blended tints of various shades with decals of fruits, figures, or flowers. Earlier pieces were decorated with gold trim or gold stipple, whereas later pieces relied more on the blended tints.

TS&T art ware was marked with either the general griffin backstamp or the special TST star marking. The three marks shown in the upper right hand corner come from pieces of TS&T art china.

The art ware was discontinued by the ealry 1920s. Shown below are just a few examples of shapes and decorations.

Circa 1905 assortment:
  • Tete-a-Tete sugar, fancy shape
  • Tete-a-Tete creamer, fancy shape
  • Tete-a-Tete spoon boat
  • Sitka bowl
  • Bohemian Jr. mug
  • Bohemian Sr. mug
  • Shell salad bowl
  • Florodora orange bowl
  • Brussels salad bowl
  • Brussels plate
  • London plaque
  • Paris plaque
  • Lace plate
  • Rome nut bowl
  • Cairo bowl
  • Berry bowl (not shown)
  • Chocolate pot
  • Cracker jar
  • Celery tray
  • Jumbo coffee cup
  • Jumbo saucer
Circa 1915 assortment:
  • Calcutta fruit bowl, 8 ½"
  • Sydney fruit bowl, 9 ½"
  • Chester tankard
  • Chester stein
  • Parlor spittoon
  • Fargo spittoon
  • Normandie plaques
  • Dutch jug
  • Rocallie jug
  • Tete-a-tete sugar, Virginia shape
  • Tete-a-tete creamer, Virginia shape
  • Tete-a-tete teapot, Virginia shape

Dutch Jugs

Celery Tray

Brussels Plate

Brussels Salad Bowl

Bohemian Beer mug with dancing frogs

Bohemian Beer mug with dancing monkeys

Paris Plaque

Unknown shape

7 ¼" Plaque

Normandie Plate

Normandie Plaque

Normandie Plaque

Normandie Plaques

Shell Bowl

Shell Bowl, underside

Shell Bowl, inside

Virginia Tete-a-tete Covered Sugars

Virginia Tete-a-tete cream, spoon boat, fancy embossed Tete-a-tete cream

Fancy embossed Tete-a-tete Covered Sugar

Facny embossed Tete-a-tete Covered Sugar

Latona shape covered jugs

Spoon Boat

Chocolate pot with round finial
Coblat with gold stipple decoration

Chocolate pot wtih curled finial
Courtesy: Greg and Teresa Benkert

Chocolate pot with curled finial
(front view)

Paris plaque
Courtesy: Greg and Teresa Benkert

Jumbo coffee cup and saucer
Courtesy: Greg and Teresa Benkert

An assortment of Chester shape tankards.
Courtesy: Greg and Teresa Benkert

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