Delphian and Beverly by the Taylor, Smith & Taylor Co.
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The Delphian shape was created in 1934. It was made with plaid embossing around the rim of flatware and towards the bases of the hollowware. The teapot, gravy, casserole, sugar, and creamer were modeled with a pedestal foot. Handles were made with a curvy, segmented look and the finials were ornamental.

Beverly was introduced in 1936. All of the flatware - plates, platters, bowls, as well as the teacup, come from Delphian. The new hollowware for Beverly consisted of the sugar, creamer, gravy, casserole, covered butter, and teapot. Finials were closed tab handles. Handles were simplified and given flat tops. The sugar, creamer, gravy, and casserole were given four small supporting feet, but the teapot had a flat, round base.

Delphian was made for about two or three years. On the other hand, Beverly was made until the mid-1940s.

Delphian hollowware examples

Pattern 1017 on a Delphian creamer and teacup

Pattern 1629 on a Delphian gravy

Pattern 729 on a Delphian casserole

Gold bands on Delphian creamer and sugar set

Beverly hollowware examples

Beverly shape covered butter

Another view of the covered butter

"Lace Ptitpoint" Beverly sugar

Pattern 1109 on a Beverly rim soup and creamer

Beverly teapot - "Golden Jubilee"

Beverly creamer and rim soup - "Golden Jubilee"

Pattern 1206 on a Beverly gravy

Pattern 1285 on a Beverly gravy

Delphian and Beverly flatware examples

9" plate with red bands

9" plate with pattern 1224 ½

"Cross Stitch Rose" on a platter

9" plate with pattern 1283

7" plate with pattern 1213

6" plate with pattern 937

Oval baker with pattern 1038

Oval baker with pattern 1254

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