TS&T's Flite-haven
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Flite-haven is a group of bird feeders/houses made Taylor, Smith & Taylor. The line was made up of four items: wren lodge, bird canteen, robin lodge, and martin lodge. Each was made of the brown clay used in their Chateau Buffet line. Tops were glazed in solid colors, except for the martin lodge which was one piece and glazed entirely in yellow.

Forster China of Cleveland, Ohio was one of several to offer Flite-haven in 1958. One of their advertisements promoted it as, "Beautiful Ceramic Flite-haven. Make your garden a haven for feathered songsters. Modern as tomorrow, Flite-haven canteens and lodges attract an almost infinite variety of hungry birds. They double as planters and home decorations. Choice of non-fade ceramic colors."

Of all of TS&T's products, the pieces from Flite-haven have proven very difficult to find. The wren lodge shown below was photographed at the Museum of Ceramics in East Liverpool, Ohio.

1958 Flite-haven advertisement

Flite-haven Wren Lodge with original sticker and hanging hardware.

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