Washington by the Taylor, Smith & Taylor Co.
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Washington was a square shape made by the Taylor, Smith & Taylor Company from 1932 until circa 1935. Though there are no records to prove one way or another, the shape was probably named in honor of George Washington's 200th birthday in 1932.

All of the examples found by collectors thus far have decals. No underglaze decorations or solid color examples have surfaced.

Most Washington was made in the old ivory glaze, but some examples can be found in Rose Mist - a pink bodied clay with clear glaze used by TS&T in the early 1930s.

Pieces are generally marked with the vertical TST backstamp and date code. As with other TS&T products, the creamers are usually stamped with the official treatment number in either gold or platinum over the glaze.

1933 Sears advertisemnt for "Emma Susan" on Washington

Platter with decoration #474 1/2

Pattern #404 on 7-inch plates

Washington creamer with pattern #469 (left) and #474 1/2 (right).

Pattern #397 1/2

Covered butter with #450

"Emma Susan" on a Washington Teapot.
Courtesy: Terri Puleo

Nappy (left) in Rose Mist with #389. Rim soup on right in ivory glaze with poppy decal #398.

Washington Rose Mist platter with pattern #239.

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