Lu-Ray Pastels by the Taylor, Smith & Taylor Co.
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Lu-Ray Pastels was Taylor, Smith & Taylor's most popular line of dinnerware. It was first introduced in the summer of 1938 and was discontinued in 1961.

The initial offering consisted of four colors: Persian Cream, Sharon Pink, Windsor Blue, and Surf Green. The soft pastel colors were a contrast to the more bold glazes made popular at the time by Homer Laughlin's Fiesta line. In the late 1940s to early 1950s, a fifth color, Catham Gray, was added. Of the five glazes, gray is the most difficult to find and is usually priced higher as a result.

The pictures below show pieces from the collection of Joe Zacharias and appear in Taylor, Smith & Taylor Dinnerware by Mark Gonzalez, Schiffer Pub Ltd (May 1, 2004)

36s Bowls

Relish Tray



Bud Urns and Bud Vases

Juice Pitchers

Covered Muffins

Cream Soups with Liners

Water Tumblers and Juice Tumblers


Service Jugs

Covered Butters

Chocolate Pot Set

Mixing Bowls


Large Salad Bowls

Demitasse Sugars and Creamers

Salt and Pepper Shakers with Souvenir Decals

Decaled Lu-Ray Platter


Casserole with Platinum Bands

Nut Dishes/Ashtrays

Teacup and Saucer with Creamer and Green Bands

An original 1938 Lu-Ray Pastels brochure by Taylor, Smith & Taylor of Chester West Virginia. It was common for a distributor to be listed in pottery brochures from this time. In this case, it is Pearl China of East Liverpool, Ohio.

Listed is the original assortment which would be expaned upon until the early 1940s.


Lu-Ray Pastels by Taylor, Smith & Taylor Co. of Chester, West Virginia. Though undated, the brochure looks like it was made in the early 1940s based on the assortment of items.

The following pages come from the Stratton-Warren Hardware Company's Wholesale Catalog from 1951. They feature Lu-Ray Pastels made by Taylor, Smith & Taylor.

Even though Chatham Gray was offered during this time, it was not in this particular catalog. Also, the chop plate, water jug, gravy fast- stand, salad bowls, and teapots were only available in yellow glaze, Persian Cream.

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