Assortment Listings from 1947
The following copies come from a 1947 listing which show the different rates for manufacturing HLC wares. Several shapes which were not in this listing, but were very much in production at the time include; Virginia Rose, Marigold, Americana and Willow, Kraft Blue and Kraft Pink, Nautilus Ivory, and to a lesser degree, Empress.

Some of the shapes have a generic assortment listing. For example, the Theme Eggshell pages have several sizes of jugs, even though none were ever made for that particular shape.

Some of the shape names are interesting, especially for Fiesta®. The "Kraft Mug" is actually the juice tumbler. These were originally intended as jars for Kraft products, but were eventually used in the Fiesta juice set. The Kraft name seems to have stuck around. Perhaps it was the name of the mold used to make the juice tumblers. The "Water Jug" is the ice lip pitcher and the "Serving Tray" is the utility tray. The "Beaker Mug" is probably the water tumbler, though I'm not sure why there is a labor price for an applied handle in its listing. It is generally accepted that many pieces of Fiesta were discontinued by or during 1946. The tumbler, footed salad, large fruit bowl, all seven nested bowls, bud vase, carafe, both comports, 2-pt jug, marmalade, mustard, relish tray, utility tray, and large teapot are part of these discontinued items, yet all are included on this list dated July 1, 1947.

The Specialties list at the bottom has a number of interesting items and pick up pieces for other lines. The Jade butter is featured. (The Jade shape itself was discontinued in the 1930s.) The Piccadilly hollowware is listed in the specialties section as well. It used flatware from Brittany. The Ovaltine mug is also mentioned. It was used in several children's sets and in Tom & Jerry sets along with the Jewel bowl. Notice the Jewel cake plate has no cost of manufacutre. That particluar item was discontinued in the 1930s.


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