Bristol by Homer Laughlin
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The Bristol shape was developed in mid-December 1970. The plain round flatware was picked up from existing shapes and a small set of hollowware was created; teacup, coffee server, creamer, and a covered sugar. The Jubilee shakers rounded out the hollowware. In a few instances, rim shape flatware was used instead of the plain round coupe shape.

Like many lines of the late 1960s and into the 1980s, only the dinner plates were marked. However, Bristol has a distinct bell-bottom design not found in other dinnerware lines. The pattern numbers are prefixed with a "C" which stands for "Century." This is not to be confused with the older Century shape from the 1930s. In this instance it was used to celebrate HLC's 100th year in business. The use of the "C" prefix was sometimes used on other shapes of the same time period.

To the right is "Bolero" which was sold though a wholesale catalog in 1971. Typically, the flatware would receive a decoration and the hollowware was glazed in a contrasting color. For Bolero, the Bristol hollowware was decorated with an "engobe" technique. Each piece was given a brown exterior with white contrasting lids on the coffeepot and sugar. Other lines would glaze the entire piece in a solid color.

From 1975: Marigold C-394, Needlepoint C-395, and Dawn C-397.

Bristol covered sugar and creamer in gold-green engobe

Bristol covered sugar and creamer in avacado engobe

Bristol covered sugar and creamer in butterscotch engobe

Bristol covered sugar and creamer in gold speck with brown exteriors

Bristol covered sugar and creamer for "Montiego" C-326

Jubilee shakers picked up for Bristol lines

Bristol sugar, creamer, and pickle in gold speck

Bristol coffee pot for "Montiego" C-326

Bristol creamers: avacado, yellow, gold-green, and black

Springtime, C-430
Uses yellow Bristol

Needlepoint, C-395
Uses butterscotch Bristol

Crazy Quilt, C-373
Uses avacado green Vogue

Most of the lines in these 1973 dinnerware advertisements use HLC's Bristol shape.
"Navarro" and "Abundance" differ in that they use rim flatware instead of coupe.

7. Pueblo on HLC's Bristol
8. Tivoli on HLC's Orbit
9. Mirador on HLC's Bristol
10. Adorna on HLC's Bristol
11. Blue Willow by the Royal China Co.
12. Plymouth on HLC's Dover
13. Amberstone on HLC's Dover
22. Navarro on HLC's Bristol
23. Abundance on HLC's Bristol
24. Andorra on HLC's Bristol
25. Mosaic on HLC's Bristol

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