Tan Table Fair
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In the early 1980s, the Homer Laughlin China Company experimented with a tan glaze on the Table Fair shape. Two different treatments were made with the new color. The first had pieces of Table Fair glazed all over, inside and out. The second had the color sprayed on the rims of flatware and exteriors of hollowware.

Below are examples with both glazing methods. There is no evidence either line went into production. All of the pieces shown are from the collection of The Fiesta® Tableware Company.

Table Fair chop plate, dinner plate, and salad plate in solid tan glaze.

Dinner plate in solid tan glaze, front.

Dinner plate in solid tan glaze, back.

Dinner plate with tan rim, front.

Dinner plate with tan rim, back.

Table Fair soup/cereal bowl and the seldom seen vegetable bowl in solid tan.

Table Fair salad plate and soup/cereal bowl with tan rim.

Table Fair gravy with tan exterior and white interior.

Table Fair gravy with tan exterior, bottom view.

Table Fair covered casserole with exterior tan glaze.

Table Fair coffee mug and saucers with tan rims.

Table Fair coffee mug marking.

Table Fair covered butter in solid tan glaze.

Table Fair handled shakers in white and tan.

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