King Edward VIII Plaque
In 1937, The Salem China Company of Salem, Ohio introduced a special King Edward VIII coronation plaque. His profile was etched into the mold along with the following, "Commemoration The Coronation Of His Majesty King Edward VIII, May Twelfth, Nineteen Hundred and Thirty Seven." As noted in the trade journal write up below, this piece was created in response to a demand for King Edward VIII coronation pieces after he abdicated the throne in late 1936. Had his coronation taken place, then it would have been on May 12, 1937. However, his brother, George VI, was crowned king on that day instead.

The design also included two sets of rings. The plaques were glazed in a wide range of solid colors to bring out the details of the profile and the lettering. As a result of the combination of rings and solid colors, some confuse this with Fiesta and mistakenly identify it as a piece made by the Homer Laughlin China Company.

A Francis E. Willard centenary plaque was made in the same style as the Edward VIII plaque. Willard was founder of the World's Woman's Christian Temperance Union. Her plaque was created to celebrate the 100th anniversary of her birthday. Unlike the Edward plaque which was made in multiple colors, Willard plaques are almost always found in a medium blue glaze. Neither of these specialty plates was ever marked.

Write up in China, Glass and Lamps, 1937

King Edward VIII plaque in maroon

King Edward VIII plaque in brown

Francis E. Willard plaque in blue


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