The Quality Stamp Company
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The Quality Stamp Company of East Liverpool, Ohio produced backstamps and decorative pieces for many of the potteries in the area. Shown below are just a few examples of stamps made for the Homer Laughlin China Company, Edwin M. Knowles China Company, Taylor, Smith & Taylor Company, and Harker Pottery. The rubber stamps were created from engravings on metal sheets.

Rubber stamps made for dinnerware

The rubber stamps would be put onto handles, rollers, or machines to decorate or mark dinnerware. This included over glaze stamps using gold and platinum decorations. In the case of rollers, the design was rolled onto a colored glaze then onto paper. The paper was then applied to the pottery thereby transferring the design. This technique is commonly called "underglaze transfer." See this page for more TS&T's Underglaze Treatments.

The Quality Stamp Company is still open in East Liverpool and operates under the name, Innovative Ceramic Corporation. Their web site can viewed by visiting this link.

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Quality Stamp bag, circa 1955

These stamps were used on the Quaker Oats Pastoral line by HLC and TS&T

Willow stamps used by Knowles and others.

Tom & Jerry bowl stamps used by HLC.

Grape border stamps used by HLC.

Assorted backstamps for HLC and W.S. George

Border stamp made for Royal China

Royal China plate from 1976 with the original metal engraving which would have been used to make the stamp.

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