TS&T's Underglaze Treatments
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In the 1930s, the Taylor, Smith & Taylor Company started making new monochromatic, all over, underglaze transfer designs for several of their decaled shapes. The more popular treatments, namely Dogwood and English Abbey, were used well into the 1950s.

Commonly found colors include red (pink), blue, and green. Mulberry (purple) and brown were also used but on a much smaller scale. Rare examples have been found in black.

The process of creating and applying the treatment was as follows:

  1. A design was engraved on copper plates. This would serve as a permanent pattern.
  2. Special rollers with the pattern were made from the copper plates.
  3. Colored glaze was applied the special patterned rollers.
  4. The colored pattern was then rolled onto a thin paper.
  5. The paper which now had the design was put on top of unglazed ware.
  6. The design was then pounced or transferred from the paper to the ware.
  7. The paper was removed and the ware now had the pattern.
  8. Sometimes hand-painted accent colors were then applied.
  9. The ware would then receive a clear glaze.
The Royal China of Sebering, Ohio and the Homer Laughlin China Company of Newell, West Virginia are just two potteries in the area that also made similar all over, underglaze patterns. In fact, when HLC started their Blue Willow program in 1934, the art department sought out the help of TS&T with regards to the copper plates and rollers. (See this page for more on HLC's underglaze transfer wares.)

Some of the TS&T shapes used for this process include Laurel, Fairway, Garland, Shadows, Versatile, and Vogue.

Below are some of the more common TS&T underglaze patterns, many of which can be found with hand-painted accents which were also sealed under the glaze.

1942 Ad for Dogwood

Blue Dogwood on Versatile

Red Dogwood on Vogue

Blue Dogwood on a Laurel casserole

Brown Dogwood on a Laurel cup and saucer

Unusual "Black Castle" on Garland

Pink Castle, a.k.a. "English Abbey" Garland teapot

Laurel shape platter used as a test piece for Pink Castle patterns

"Chintz" Laurel baker

"Center Bouquet" Garland sugar

"Center Bouquet" with a border treatment

Border treatment with plain center

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