Design 70 by the Taylor, Smith & Taylor Co.
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Introduced in January 1966, Design 70 was based on Chateau Buffet. The "brownware" body was the same except TS&T didn't shoot for the 0% expansion rate. Also, Design 70 pieces were completely glazed whereas the brown clay in Chateau Buffet was not.

Design 70 was often made with an exterior color in either blue, green, yellow, or white and then given a decal treatment. The pattern names are usually included in the backstamp. Some pieces were left blank with a colored exterior, but no decal.

The best selling pattern on Design 70 was "Lazy Daisy." The shape was phased out in the early 1970s.

Two-page spread on TS&T's Design 70 shape from an April, 1966 issue of China, Glass & Tablewares.

"Indian Summer" 13" platter.
Its marking is in the lower right hand corner.

"Arboresque" plate and "Indian Summer" jug.
The bowls are from the Granada shape.

Design 70 plate and divided relish - undecorated blanks.
Photo courtesy Carl and Fran Stone.

Design 70 plate with "Declaration of Independence" decal.
This was probably decorated by an outside firm.

Promotional material and brochures for Taylor, Smith & Taylor's Design 70 shape

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