Bicentennial Commemoratives by Taylor, Smith & Taylor
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For the nation's bicentennial in 1976, Taylor, Smith and Taylor produced several commemorative products. One of easiest pieces to find is the Bicentennial plate. Measuring approximately 10 3/4", the plate was made with an embossed border on the rim which was highlighted in gold. The center was decorated with a blue decal and a Liberty Bell made of gold resin was glued to the surface. A special backstamp was created and used only on the plate. Some TS&T Bicentennial plates can be found with a round, wooden frame.

Timber Craft made a Bicentennial plaque with a wooden back and ceramic center. (For more on Timber Craft, see this page.) Even though TS&T was fully capable of making ceramic trivets, those used for the Timber Craft plaque were furnished by tile maker, H&R Johnson, Ltd. in England. The resin Liberty Bell was the same one used on the TS&T plates. The completed round trivet was then glued onto the walnut board and, unfortunately, would come loose easily. Bicentennial plaques were generally not marked and are much more difficult to find than the Bicentennial plates.

TS&T also took their existing Taylor shape mugs and decorated them with patriotic decals to make a special four-piece "Bicentennial" set. Three of the four mugs have glazed interiors and are shown below.

A second set of mugs were made the same decals; Liberty Bell, Drum, '76 Flag, and Eagle, but without the colored interiors. This set was dubbed the "Americana" set of mugs.

TS&T also made a set of historical collector plates depicting famous scenes from the Revolutionary War era. Six plates made up the set and include representations of; The Surrender at Cornwallis, Washington Crossing the Delaware, Declaration of Independence, Betsy Ross, Battle of Bunker Hill, and The Spirit of '76.

TS&T's Bicentennial plate with original box.

Timber Craft's Bicentennial Plaque (10" by 8") and box

Special marking for the Bicentennial plate

Taylor mugs with Bicentennial decals

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