Vogue by the Taylor, Smith & Taylor Co.
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Taylor, Smith & Taylor's Vogue shape was introduced in 1933 and was produced for roughly ten years. It was their only swirl shape. The rims of flatware and sides of hollowware were given heavy embossed teardrop-like swirls. The tops of handles were modeled with an open daisy - a feature that was later repeated on the Vistosa shape. Vogue was one of the few TS&T shapes to be treated in almost every form of decoration available during its run from gold stamps, underglaze prints, hand-painted work, decals, and solid colors. To the right is a 1933 Sears advertisement for Golden Laurel on the Vogue shape.

It is somewhat easy to find in today's collector market. Most Vogue will be marked with the wreath TS&T backstamp and date code. Vogue in Lu-Ray Pastel glazes was made for Montgomery Wards and sold as "Rainbow." Such examples will be unmarked.

There were two different styles of sugars, creamers, and sauceboats made for Vogue. The standard set had scalloped, four leaf clover openings. This resulted in a lot of curvature on the upper portions of the bodies which made underglaze silk screen decorations difficult. To rectify this, new versions of sugars, creamers, and sauceboats had to be created with smoother sides to allow for the silk screen prints and certain decals. The three restyled shapes have much wider openings. Standard versions are more common than the restyled ones. Shown below are some of the restyled shapes.

Restyled creamer, left and standard creamer, right.

Restyled creamer, left and standard creamer, right.

Restyled sauceboat

Restyled creamer and sugar

Vogue examples with decals and underglaze prints

Shop sample plate, 272 "Golden Laurel"

Shop sample plate, R4152

Pattern 742 on 9" and 6" plates

Pattern 693 on an oval baker

Pattern 644, Silhouette on a Vogue nappie.

Pattern 708 on a sauceboat and liner

Wild Poppy teapot

Pattern 1229, "Melba" on a platter

Pattern 424, "Heathertone" on a soup bowl

Pattern 904 on a 9" plate

"Shepherdess" covered sugar (sold though Sears in the late 1930s), and casserole with black decoration

Hand-painted red leaves on a Vogue platter

Pattern 862, Blue polka dots on a Vogue teapot

Chinese Temple with border

Chinese Temple with hand-painted accents

Chinese Temple, without border

Pattern 1406, "Blue Bell" on a 10" plate

Gold stamps on a sauceboat

Pattern 1629 on a covered butter

Pattern 1973 on 6" plates

Pattern 821 on an oval baker

Pattern 760 on a 9" plate

Pattern 1164 on a platter

"Italian Rose" on a sauceboat

Vogue sauceboat

Pattern 864, green dots

Pattern 863, pink dots

Blue sailboats

Green sailboats

Black stagecoach

Underglaze dogwood

"Golden Pinwheel" -- gold accents on TS&T's Vogue, circa 1942.
This set is on display at the Museum of Ceramics in East Liverpool, Ohio.

Rainbow: Vogue shapes in Lu-Ray Pastel glazes
The Montgomery Ward's ad below comes from 1941. The service jug and shakers were picked up from Lu-Ray Pastels.

Fruit cups


Teacups and saucers

Gravy faststands

Lug soup

Underside of sugar showing embossing



6" plates


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