Universal Potteries

Examples of dinnerware made by Universal Potteries of Cambridge, Ohio (1934 - 1954)

• Ballerina
  • Plain round soupe shape - handles and finails are ring shaped
  • Comes white or solid colors with decal treatments
  • Also blue body with decals as "Ballerina Mist"
  • Plain solid colors include:
    • Periwinkle Blue
    • Turquoise
    • Pink
    • Jade Green
    • Jonquil Yellow
    • Burgundy
    • Forest Green
    • Chartreuse
    • Dove Grey (light grey)
    • Charcoal (dark grey)
    • Sierra Rust
    • Antique White
  • Produced primairly in the 1950s
  • Assortment consists of approx. 50+ dinnerware and kitchen items

Turquoise creamer, pink lug handled platter,
Ballerina Mist sauceboat and stand.
Forest green teapot, chartreuse
demi cup and saucer, grey water jug.

Square plate in burgundy
Handled Tray in burgundy

Lug soup

Cup and saucer, dinner plate
Covered butterdish
Sauceboat with stand,
Round serving tray

“Coral Lily”
“Like an old-fashioned painting, Maderia is a still-life of fruit and flowers.
The delicate blooms and vines, the graceful grapes and luscious plum fill
a basket with color and create a pattern of antique beauty. All colors are
applied over smooth ivory-white.”

“Warm autumn colors in unique design -- Tiger Lily red, browns, grays
with charcoal accents. Use with harmonizing cloths, woven mats or contrast
with green. Ivory-toned rimless shapes.”

Vintage Ballerina Ads
Courtesy: Candy Fagerlin
“Peach Blossom”
“Moss Rose”
“Star Lily”

The following line has the Universal Ballerina backstamp.
While the flatware does seem to be the standard coupe
shape, the hollowware is a mix of different shapes.
Along the left hand side of the marking is:


All images Courtesy: Judith Stout

Unmarked sugar and creamer
with the Comde Rose decal
Ballerina shape bowl

Ballerina shape platter
Covered teapot

Price List for Solid Colored Ballerina
Courtesy: Fred Mutchler

Ballerina Mist examples: Snack set, small plate, lug soup.
Courtesy: J. Stout

This mid 1950s magazine ad features Strawflower on Ballerina Mist.
Close ups of the other patterns can be viewed below.

1950s ad for Corsage on the Ballerina shape.
Courtesy: Fran & Carl Stone .

1952 ad for Ballerina Accessory Pieces.

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